Ecommerce Snapshot: American Carpet Wholesalers

I look at a lot of ecommerce sites, as you know. So when I say that the screenshot below is one of the busiest home pages I’ve ever seen, that’s saying something. Take a look for yourself and you’ll quickly see what I mean about the American Carpet Wholesalers home page. With all these images and all this clutter, how is a shopper supposed to know where to go or what to do? Oh, and keep in mind that the main image in the middle there is a carousel that rotates through 9 pictures, switching every few seconds. It takes about a minute to take it all in before you can even begin to navigate the site… It makes me tired just looking at it.

carpetwholesale1 copy

If the home page wears me out this much, I doubt I’ll be continuing on to shop or purchase. My recommendation here should be obvious: simplify!


Which site that you’ve seen has a cluttered or busy home page like this one? Let me know in the comments below!



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