Weigh in: What do you want to see from us in 2014?

It’s a new year, and we are ready for new and fresh ideas. 2013 saw a lot of growth for us at Ecommerce Outtakes, and we are so excited to have amazing readers like you! Now we want to put the question directly to our audience. So tell us: what can we do to improve the blog in 2014?

Let us know what you like and what you don’t like so that we can make our blog better. Which are your favorite posts to read? What do you want to see more of? Please vote in┬áthe poll below, and if you have more suggestions, leave them in the comments. We appreciate your feedback.

Ecommerce Outtakes reader poll:
How can we improve the blog in 2014?


For another easy way to get the content you want on the blog, download our extension for the Google Chrome browser. Whenever you come across a site that lets you down, or even a site you really love, send it to us using this handy extension. We’ll write a review of the site you suggested and post it on the blog!

Thanks for being a fan of Ecommerce Outtakes!

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