By the Numbers: The Most Popular Ecommerce Platform of 2013

Have you been wondering which platform most ecommerce companies are using to sell their products and services? Thanks to the wonderful research tool Builtwith, we now have the data that tells us approximately how many sites are running on the various ecommerce platforms available on the market today. Since many people ask “What is the best ecommerce platform?” I wanted to share these these quick stats. Although they do not necessarily reflect the quality of the platform, you can get a better sense of direction for which platforms to use for your business.¬†Take a look at the chart below to see who is on top:

ecommerce partners
To read more about the data for this BuiltWith study, visit, who analyzed the report.

As you can see, Magento takes the crown with the number-one spot. GoDaddy comes in second place, which I believe is due to the strength of their marketing–Superbowl commercials never hurt! Other top contenders include osCommerce and WooCommerce, which are likely so popular because they are free to use.

Social networks also grew a huge presence on ecommerce sites this year, and many online businesses integrated social widgets. Here’s a look at which social widgets had the most activity in 2013. This chart is a useful guide to help you decide which buttons are critical for your own product pages:


What do you see trending in 2014? Will Magento continue to be the leader or will newcomers such as Shopify move ahead of their competitors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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