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Ecommerce in 2013: have online retailers finally figured out mobile? (eConsultancy)
“It’s been another busy year for ecommerce, with one of the key themes being the widespread adoption of responsive design. But have retailers finally gotten to grips with mobile, or is there still much to be done? I lean towards the latter as, though some brands provide an excellent mobile experience, many are still woeful. I’ve asked our ecommerce experts, agency and client-side, for their views…”

The Coming Digital Wallet Revolution (Ecommerce Times)
“What are the three objects that you’re most likely to grab as you leave the house today? They are likely to be your keys, your smartphone and your wallet, complete with cash and plastic bank cards. Well, if some forward-thinkers have their way, within a short time you’ll just be grabbing the keys and phone only — the plastic stays at home.Digital wallets — a theoretical promise since the inception of the chip-based smart bank cards that are common outside the U.S. — may be about to go mainstream.”

Shoppers want to spend on gifts, not shipping (Internet Retailer)
“Consumers flock to to snap up deals for no-cost shipping this week. Meanwhile, Amazon is running out of some of its goodies and consumers across the border in Canada continue to shop online in droves as the holiday season progresses.”


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