A Tales of Terrible Online Shopping Honorable Mention

As most of our readers know, last month we ran the Tales of Terrible Online Shopping contest on our Facebook Page. We selected a winner, and you can check out her winning entry here, but we had some other great submissions that we really wanted to share as well.

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Today, we’re awarding an Honorable Mention to Sandi T.  Her submission to the contest serves as a reminder to online retailers everywhere: One bad ecommerce experience can turn a customer away from your store forever. Establish trust, provide good products and service, and create happy customers who will want to buy from you again! Take a look at what Sandi had to say:


“I have had almost exclusively positive experiences with online shopping.  Unfortunately, the exception still stands out in my mind…

It was several years ago, and the details have faded, but the emotional memories of anger and disillusionment still persist.  What an outrage to find one’s credit card charged before the goods have been received!  How disappointing to eventually receive the gifts I had purchased, a month later than promised, and packaged in a dusty and battered parcel!  And then, the gift itself–of such poor quality (cheap discolored plastic, “hand-painted” in a slap-hazard manner) that I could not in good conscience give it as planned (and it was too late, in any event).

My attempts to return it ran into resistance, as I first had difficulty receiving a response from the company, and, when I did, the shipping would have been at my expense, and with no guarantee of a refund.  Within a few months, though, the company was no longer in operation;  that is, no longer under the same name in operation, as far as I could tell.  Lesson learned:  deal with trusted companies with a reputation for quality and service.

I contrast this experience with the vast majority of my online purchases:  orders have been accurate, of displayed quality, carefully packaged, and on time or better!  I even buy groceries online sometimes, including perishables like chocolate and wraps. The wonderful company even gives me advance notice to stock up on liquids such as sugar-free syrups before freezing temperatures are well-established, and warns against shipping my sugar-free chocolate without cold packs in the hot summer months!”


If you run into problems with an online shopping site like Sandi did, use our Google Chrome extension to send it right to the Ecommerce Outtakes team!

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