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Last month, we ran a contest on our Facebook page asking our fans to submit their Tales of Terrible Online Shopping. There was a lot of ranting, and understandably so. It sounds like some of you have been through the ecommerce ringer! We selected a winning entry by  our Facebook fan Kristine R., and we’re featuring her story here on the blog today. You’ll definitely want to read her tale of terrible online shopping below:

Kristine says “No more!” to NoMoreRack.com

“The worst online retailer by far has to be nomorerack.com.  Not only is the site completely a nightmare reminiscent of early 1990s Geocities websites, the merchandise is cheap or off-brand, the prices are not as great of a deal as they would like to have you think, the shipping times are anywhere from 3 days to 3 months, and the customer service is an absolute atrocity.

I ordered a pair of designer jeans at what I thought to be a great price, and I received them as promised.  3 months later.  And, they were the wrong size.  I followed protocol and returned them to the warehouse per the very hard-to-find instructions on their website.  Months go by with no response.  They claim because I didn’t put insurance on it that they had never actually received it.  I followed up with them over email in an email thread that kept getting delegated to a different CSR so I re-explained myself over twelve times.  I filed a complaint online with a company that handles consumer complaints.

Someone finally acknowledged me and gave me a credit for the jeans I’d returned so I decided to order a package of 7 of long-sleeved t-shirts I could wear to work and a pair of ‘jeggings’.  I received them three weeks later and they weren’t even all the same size.  The material was so paper thin, that you could see through two of the shirts when stacked on top of one another.  The jeggings were just plain ripped in the crotch.  I begrudgingly went through the customer service again.  Two months later I received a credit for the jeggings with no credit applied whatsoever for the nearly $30 spent on the shirts.  I still to this day (this has been over a year) have never been compensated for the returned shirts.  You want to talk about terrible online shopping?  It doesn’t get any worse than nomorerack.com.”


Now that’s a seriously terrible tale of online shopping… Do you have an ecommerce horror story like Kristine? Tell us about it!



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  1. Kristine
    Posted December 13, 2013 at 11:55 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the contest! I really hope this makes people think twice about these daily deal sites. Some of them are just not worth it!

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