ECommerce Snapshot: Patrón is Not Simply Perfect

As a college senior studying Marketing, I recently read an article about Patrón’s new marketing campaign. The tequila company has always used the tagline “Simply Perfect,” but its new advertisements finally reveal some reasons why the alcohol is simply perfect. While I still admire the artistically beautiful ads, the Patrón website does not live up to the brand’s tagline. Here’s why …

When I attempted to visit, I was redirected to a page that asked me to verify my age. No problem, I thought. I am above the legal drinking age, yet I was surprised with this warning after plugging in my birth date: Redirect

What? Suddenly I was taken to a website for Century Council, Distillers Fighting Drunk Driving & Underage Drinking. I am a strong proponent of advocacy against drunk driving. I even internally applauded Patrón for managing a responsible business, assuming I miss-typed by birth date.

Century Council

The thing is I gave my birth date once more, double-checking it was right. I am over 21 years old, yet I could still not enter the website! I was never planning on buying anything, but other shoppers my age might be. Blocking us from the ecommerce venue is slightly offensive and results in lost sales. Patrón might want to reevaluate its entry algorithm, because its website is not “Simply Perfect.”

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