Not a Fan of CVS Mobile Navigation

Though I shop at CVS brick-and-mortar drugstores pretty often, today was the first time I tried out their mobile ecommerce site. I have to admit, I’m not sure that I will use it again, because I was not very impressed by the navigation here. Users like myself who are looking to shop will have some difficulty. Let’s start by taking a look at the home page to see what I mean.

As you can see, most of these links lead to sections of the site that are not related to shopping. I understand that people will also want to fill their prescriptions and do other tasks, but none of these quick links take customers to the store or the products. To get there, you have to open the Menu tab at the top where you’ll find a link to Shop. Personally, I find this a bit frustrating, and I’d like to see Shop added to the Quick Links section.

CVSmobile1 copyAnother issue I have with this home page is how hard CVS is pushing the iPhone app. Not only does my iPhone automatically open a reminder at the top of the page for me to download the app from the App Store, but the site links to it in two other places. There is a Quick Link to the app, as well as another link at the bottom. Look, I get it, you want me to download your app. But now that I’m here on your mobile site, I’d really just like to shop! I recommend taking out some of these placements for the app and giving this valuable space to other links or sections of the site.


When I used the Menu tab to get to the shopping section, I found a list of categories to choose from. There are only 11 categories, so it’s pretty manageable. However, one category stood out to me as odd here: Clearance. I can see that they listed the categories in alphabetical order, but it seems strange for the clearance section to be plopped in the middle like this where it could easily be overlooked. Maybe it’s nitpicky on my part, but I would like to see Clearance listed at either the very top or very bottom of this list to make it easier for the shopper to see.

CVSmobile3 copyI selected the Vitamins category to explore the navigation further, and chose the Multivitamins section. When I got to this section, I was faced with 180 product options. Thankfully there are sorting and filtering options to narrow this down. I could sort the items alphabetically, by price, top rated, and more from this rolling menu. Pretty standard, but nice.


However, when I clicked the Refine By menu, things looked a little different… and not so simple. To refine by brand, I have to look at this whole long list of links. Why isn’t this organized in a nicer-looking menu like the sorting options? Plus, these aren’t alphabetical like the other list, making it difficult to track down a particular brand. I can also refine by rating, but it’s way at the bottom of this list of brands. Most shoppers would probably not scroll down far enough to see it.


Clearly the navigation on CVS’s mobile site needs some work. Just getting to the ecommerce store, let alone shopping on it, takes a bit of work. This site could really stand to implement some upgrades, like a Shop link on the home page and improved refinement menus, to make the experience easier and more intuitive for mobile customers.




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  1. Posted December 2, 2013 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    Don’t forget that the prices on the web site will not reflect the prices in their store. OK. I get that, but at least do a price match. No dice. Will the app make prices relevant. Doubt it.

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