Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Jessica Alba’s Subscription Ecommerce Startup, The Honest Company, Closes $25M Round, Led By IVP (Tech Crunch)
“The subscription ecommerce startup, which gets customers to sign up for different monthly bundles of products and also sells via small scale partnerships with bricks-and-mortar retailers (such as this one), said it plans to use the new funding to accelerate growth initiatives, including international expansion outside the U.S. — describing its recent launch into Canada as a “positive” step for its growth. It will also be channeling the funding into new product development, to continue building out the range of items it offers, and said it plans to improve its distribution capabilities and brand accessibility, likely by adding more retail partners.”

Is the new mobile ecommerce experience all about avatars and auction rooms? (Pando Daily)
“So the question is: Why do people want to use an avatar-based social auction site on their phones more than on their computers? Does Tophatter’s traction tell us something bigger about a potential ecommerce model?

We hear a lot about how companies need to rethink their entire business operation for mobile, instead of merely grafting their website onto a phone. The best app companies harness the inherently different properties of smartphones — mobility, users being on-the-go, GPS, tactility, and speed — to build new types of experiences, whether with dating, gaming, or hotel booking. In dating, people now flip through faces without reading profiles, selecting or tossing romantic options in seconds. In hotel booking, people pick among a couple curated, excellent deals for same day sleeping, instead of searching painstakingly through listings in advance. But how has mobile transformed shopping?”

Twitter’s Top 10 retailers (Internet Retailer)
“The fact that last week Twitter pulled off a successful IPO, with shares quickly shooting up to nearly double the original price, proves that investors view the social network as a potential moneymaker. With ThinkGeek leading the pack, here is a list of the top 10 online retailers that are most effective on Twitter. All 10 are apparel and accessories retailers except for ThinkGeek, which Internet Retailer classifies as a mass merchant because it sells goods in a variety of categories including apparel, though it’s best known for its selection of electronic gadgets.”




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