Badge of Honor: John Varvatos

Today while exploring the John Varvatos ecommerce site, I found that this retailer made some very cool choices with the design and layout of their site. In addition, this retailer makes great use of the cross-sale feature to promote other products throughout the site. These things combined make for one awesome site worthy of this week’s Badge of Honor. Take a look!

johnvarvatos copyWhen I landed on the New Arrivals page, I saw a layout for this category page that was unique and visually appealing. This page features product images of each item so that shoppers can browse the whole collection at a glance without any text to distract the eye. If a user wants to learn more about a particular product, they can mouse over the image to get a closer view and to get very basic details, including the product name and price. From here, they can click the Quick Shop button of View Details link to get even more info.

johnvarvatos1 copyThis page doesn’t offer the traditional left navigation that one might expect, but there are filtering options here. By clicking on the Filter Items button in the upper right, shoppers can open a large menu of options that will narrow down their search. Selecting sizes for each type of product, color and price range will certainly be helpful to users browsing the selection. I really like that users can open or hide this menu as they wish. With the layout on this page, a left navigation menu might distract from the visuals of the product image. This organization suits the design of the site perfectly.

johnvarvatos4 copy

I clicked the View Details link on this Slim Fit Jacket to view the product page. Again, I was really impressed by the design of this page. First of all, there is no scrolling here. Everything you need is right here, with nothing below the fold. I like that there are multiple product images, social media sharing buttons, a newsletter sign-up field at the bottom, and even arrows at the top that allows shoppers to navigate to the next product page in the collection. Another great feature is that instead of cluttering the page with the cross-sell function, John Varvatos opted to include a small You Might Also Like tab nestled on the right side of the page. Shoppers can open this up to view recommended products if they like. Love this!

johnvarvatos2 copy

johnvarvatos3 copy

Shoppers can open the tab on the right to view recommended products.

The nice use of cross sale continued onto the cart page. After I added this item to my cart, I headed to the checkout. As you can see, this ecommerce site recommended even more products on this cart review page.  I like that they are trying out different wording here too, using “May We Suggest” instead of “You Might Also Like.” It’s also cool that they’re suggesting accessories, the relatively inexpensive products on the site, that shoppers may want to add on to their order at a glance. It’s a smart strategy. In addition to that, I love that the customer service number and return policy is easily accessible from this page.

johnvarvatos5 copy

Overall, John Varvatos’ ecommerce store is heavy on visual appeal and easy to navigate. The emphasis on image over text is a nice choice, demonstrated by the category pages that allow shoppers to scan all the product pictures at a glance. In addition, the use of cross sale throughout the site is really well done. This site certainly deserves the Badge of Honor in our book. Check it out and see if you agree!

Which ecommerce site would you award a Badge of Honor to? Let us know in the comments!


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