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Jumio unveils faster and smarter Netswipe 2.0, cements its standing as the most secure mobile payment verification option (Pando Daily)
“With more commerce moving online and ultimately to mobile, tools for verifying identity and payment authenticity are of paramount importance. But equally important is the need to offer consumers a painless and frictionless checkout experience so as not to turn away potential sales. For many of the most prominent online merchants, the solution of choice in both these regards is Jumio, makers of the smartphone and webcam-based identity and payment card scanning solutionsNetverify and Netswipe. Today Jumio announced version 2.0 of its Netswipe platform, making payment card scanning significantly faster and adding the ability to read not only credit card numbers and expiration date, but also, for the first time, the cardholder’s name. With this update, the only thing customers need to enter manually today is the three-digit CVV number located on the back of the card.” New Mobile Apps Focus On Personalized Product Recommendations (Tech Crunch)
“The update is designed to complement’s new Web site, which seeks to offer better product suggestions for individual shoppers through social recommendations and collaborative filtering. Company spokeswoman Deborah Roth says that personalized recommendations will be the same for the most part on mobile and Web. The only key difference is that on the Web, recommendations are sorted into categories, while the apps simply shows a list of personalized items because felt that would provide a better user experience on mobile.”

A glitch causes prices to tumble temporarily (Internet Retailer)
“This morning, a technical glitch on caused the prices of many items to temporarily drop to, in at least some cases, a fraction of what they were meant to be. By noon, the glitch appeared to be gone—but not before some shoppers had snagged deals and spread word of the better-than-everyday low prices on social media.

Wal-Mart also released a statement saying that its web site might be intermittently unavailable today as it works to correct the problem, with apologies to customers.”


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