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Several months ago, I wrote a post¬†about some problems I encountered on Lord & Taylor’s ecommerce site. Today I revisited their website, and I was happy to find that many of those issues I raised in my post had been fixed. Always great to see! However, as I explored the site, I realized that this retailer is not ready to escape the Lion’s Den just yet. After all, Lord & Taylor is a high-end retailer. I expect their site will reflect this brand image, and offer a rich shopping experience. Unfortunately this ecommerce site falls short of expectations. Let’s take a look at what they fixed, and what areas still have room for improvement.

The old Lord & Taylor site had plenty of issues. One important note is that many of the broken images I had seen on the site before have been repaired. Another problem the site had was with the left navigation menu. It featured a section called Sales & Events that offered many options, to a point that it became overwhelming. Now, shoppers have the ability to hide this menu or click Show All to view every option.

lord&taylor3 copy

Before: so many sales & events!

After: sales & events are hidden unless the shopper clicks "Show All"

After: sales & events are hidden unless the shopper clicks “Show All”

Lord & Taylor’s site also displayed empty reviews. Notice how there were stars below each product, indicating that the item hadn’t been reviewed yet. Since this is pointless, I advised that they remove this graphic until there were actually reviews to show. They listened! The current version of the site does not display these stars.

lord&taylor1 copy

Before: review star graphic, but no reviews.

After: no more review graphics

After: no more review graphics

In addition, I had a problem with the top navigation menus. The drop-downs had some bizarre spacing going on that made them look very strange. The spacing issue has definitely been fixed. However, I still don’t love these menus, and I think they can be improved upon further. As a shopper passes their mouse over the top navigation, the menus kind of lag behind. This causes multiple categories to hang open at once, and it looks a bit messy. I would prefer for only one menu to drop down and a time.

lord&taylor4 copy

Before: drop-downs with weird layout and too much white space.

lordandtaylor1 copy

After: multiple menus drop down at once

Finally, another area to improve is the loading time. Though I am not entirely sure why this ecommerce site loads so slowly, I have to recommend that steps are taken to shorten the loading time. If shoppers find it frustrating to wait for the site to load, they may head over to a competitor’s site to make their purchase. It’s important to have a fast site, or risk losing customers!

Although Lord & Taylor fixed many of the problems with their site, there are still updates to be made. Improving the loading time and the top navigation menu would be two great steps to take toward creating an ecommerce site that lives up to the high expectations of the Lord & Taylor brand.



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  1. Posted November 6, 2013 at 12:53 am | Permalink

    My all time favorite shopping experience at Lord in Taylor was when I went to purchase a velvet dress for a high school formal event, which was marked with a significant discount off of the original price of over $150, only to find out at the register that with the additional discount codes the total came to less than $15. That experience, of layers of discounts upon discounts is quite familiar to any shopper who loves Lord in Taylor. If I was working on improving and branding their website I’d capitalize on that nostalgic feeling that loyal Lord and Taylor customers love about shopping in their store, and find a way to create a similar user experience online.

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