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Online marketers are missing the boat on customer-centric marketing (Internet Retailer)
“But though the consulting firm advises that marketers should coordinate marketing campaigns that reach individual customers across multiple channels, including mobile marketing, social media and e-mail, it finds that marketers are still concentrating too much on online marketing campaigns that try to reach a broad audience without interacting with individuals directly. Despite the growth of marketing tools for reaching consumers with personalized offers, through targeted marketing, “most companies are stuck in an old campaign mindset” without taking efforts to coordinate targeted campaigns across channels, the firm says.”

5 Things to Put in the Shipping Box (Practical eCommerce)
“Online retailers have a powerful tool for marketing to existing customers, potentially increasing sales, average order size, and profit. That tool is the shipping box merchants send to customers with almost any order…

Many retailers understand the value of on-site merchandising, offering related products, up-selling to name brands, or even cross selling to a similar item that may, for one reason or another, have a larger margin. Adding a catalog or even a single-sheet product flyer to the box extends merchandising beyond the site and exposes customers to related or additional products. As with several of the other in-box tactics, it is fairly easy to measure lift from the catalog or flyer.”

Hello, ladies: Bonobos finally launches a women’s line (Pando Daily)
“Today, Bonobos is announcing a new women’s line called Ayr. The line will be focused on a limited offering of high-quality, mid-market priced essentials of a women’s wardrobe. Not the hot trends but the signature pieces that can be worn forever. It’s an exact reaction against the obsessive fast (and cheap) fashion trend that’s been dominating the retail and subscription commerce world.”



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