Stuck in Tiger Direct’s Ecommerce Checkout

Yesteraday I was shopping the ecommerce site for some new computers for the office. This retailer sells all kinds of electronics and office supplies, so I had no problem finding the computers I needed. But it was when I got to the checkout on this site that I found a big problem…

I added everything I needed to my cart and proceeded to the checkout. In order to begin this process, users have to log in with their account, or continue as a guest by entering their email. I chose the guest checkout option and continued on to enter my address info. But when I got to the next page to enter my credit card information, I realized that I was short on my order. I had forgotten to add a monitor to my cart, so I wanted to go back to the products and find what I needed. However, there was no way for me to get back to the ecommerce store… Not even clicking the logo in the upper left took me back!


I discovered that once I had started this process and logged on with my email, I was no longer on the ecommerce store. This secure checkout page just doesn’t link back to the actual shopping site. There was no way for me to get back easily, which is really, really frustrating. I had to hit the back button to get back to shopping, and then I had to start the whole checkout process all over again. It is very common for shoppers to want to add to their cart or edit their order at any point in the checkout process, so it should be simple for them to return to the store whenever they want. I strongly recommend for to add this function to make navigation easy for their customers!



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