Badge of Honor:’s Mobile Site is Poppin’

I am waiting for my next class to begin when I reach for the lip balm in my purse.  Upon twisting the lid off, I discover barely any moisturizer left!  Since all my other glosses have been lost to the black hole which is my washing machine, I head to on my Android smartphone to restock.

There is nothing beautiful about when I land on the cosmetics-supplier’s mobile ecommerce site.  Two-thirds of the home page is taken up by a carousel that does not load, so there is barely a speck of color to be found until I scroll below the fold.


The menu tab to the top left of the page presents categories ranging from Skin Care to Accessories, and there is the option to view all the site’s brands, too.  Again, there is no color or unique design – virtually nothing beautiful about this site so far.  Regardless, the action tabs are large and functional, and the menu has very helpful categories to steer me in the direction of my desired product.  Hopefully I can find a new tube of lip balm before my professor arrives!

I click on the makeup category from the main menu and head to “Lips,” then “Lip Gloss.”  This brings me to the mother-load of all filters. allows shoppers to refine their search of 176 products matching “Lip Gloss” by 15 different filters.  Some of the typical options include brand and price range, but there are others like skin type, concern, benefit, and finish that I have not seen on other sites.  These surprising filters customize the browsing experience in an extremely helpful manner, and I think I might be able to find a balm even better than the one sitting sadly empty in my hand!  So I explore “concern” and choose “dryness,” in search for the best moisturizing gloss.


Oh la la, I can choose multiple filters, too!  I select to view products matching the dryness concern that are also under $25 (broke college student), and I am brought to a final results list with brilliant product images in an easy-to-read format.


The “View Options” tab allows me to see all the shades available for this particular lip gloss, and it has drop-down boxes for further reading about the product’s ingredients, customer reviews, and special offers.  With one click, I can even share this product via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or email to get a second opinion from my friends.  While I don’t think I would ever email my lip gloss alternatives to a friend, I might add it to my Pinterest “Fashionista” board. should consider adding the Pin It button to get some free, customer-generated publicity.

Without further ado, I add JOUER Tinted Lip Enhancer to my virtual shopping bag.  I love how the product gets added without dragging me to the check out right away, letting me get back to browsing more quickly than on other sites.  Class is going to start soon, though, so I jump to my Shopping Bag.  JOUER Tinted Lip Enhancer is patiently waiting to be bought, and a handy tool beneath the product image lets me estimate the tax and shipping to be applied for my area.

This next step in the buying process is always the most frustrating on my smartphone: Checkout.  While I still do not enjoy typing in all of my billing and shipping information, makes it bearable by offering input fields large enough for my fingers and a banner at the top of my screen indicating how many pages I have left fill out.  In under one minute, I have successfully checked out and am anticipating an even more seamless shopping experience the next time I buy from, as a returning customer.


Though did not dazzle me on first impression, I came to find its selection of descriptive categories and filters helpful in finding a superior product.  The shopping experience was a close approximation to browsing the cosmetic department in person, and I would happily return to the site.  Even Lil’ Mama would have to agree …

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