Badge of Honor: Sports Zone Elite

To start, it’s important to note that today’s ecommerce Badge of Honor comes with a bit of bias. The site for Sports Zone Elite is one that was created by our parent company, Ecommerce Partners. We’re pretty excited about how it turned out, so we wanted to share it with our Ecommerce Outtakes readers. We think the navigation throughout the site is great, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Take a look.

sportszone1 copy

Possibly the coolest aspects of the navigation on this ecommerce site are the drop-down menus at the top of the page. When you mouse over the main categories like Men, Women and Kids, the menu opens ¬†up to show the different product types. Since Sports Zone’s focus is mainly on shoes, there is an emphasis placed there within these menus. Shoppers can even select a size, right from here. It’s pretty awesome to be able to select both gender and size with one click!

sportzoneOnce the shopper arrives on the category page, there are some helpful sorting and filtering options to choose from. Filters like brand, color and price range will help the customer narrow down their selection. Also, the blue tags clearly show which items are only available in stores.

sportszone2 copy

Product pages offer plenty of details about the item, and the ability to zoom in on the images for a closer look. Social media buttons make it easy for users to share the items they like across their various networks. Shoppers can also check the product availability at the nearest Sports Zone store location, which is especially helpful for those items that aren’t available online.

sportszone3 copy

When a shopper adds items to the cart, it is easily accessible from the upper right corner of any page. The shopping cart offers a very simple and intuitive process, allowing the user to edit the items, add discount codes, and estimate tax and shipping all from one page.

sportszone4 copy

We are excited about all the great navigation features on the Sports Zone Elite ecommerce site. But we’re curious to know what you think, too. Please share any thoughts you have. We’d love to hear from you!

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