Nalgene’s Ecommerce Site Doesn’t Hold Much Water

While searching around for a new water bottle, I wound up on Nalgene’s ecommerce site. I know this retailer makes great water bottles, but unfortunately, they don’t make a great website. After finding plenty of problems during my shopping experience, I decided to send this site to the Lion’s Den. The navigation menus aren’t descriptive, there is no quick view or quick shop option, and even the search function is lacking… Basically, I have a lot of suggestions, so let’s get started!

When I first arrived on the site and selected the shop tab at the top, I saw a large image of water bottles in many different colors, which will be important later. The other thing I noticed was the navigation menu on the left of the page. This menu doesn’t give the shopper much to go on as far as descriptions are concerned. If users aren’t familiar with Nalgene’s products, they likely won’t know what “n-gen” or “grip ‘n gulp” means. I suggest creating a new navigation menu that provides images of each product type, so shoppers have a better idea of what the item is before they click.

nalgene1 copy

I selected a category and clicked on the wide mouth bottles section, where I found another issue. Remember how the site had displayed that image of all those different colored bottles on the previous page? Well here, I’m not seeing any color options. There is no indication whatsoever that these bottles come in colors besides the ones shown. This could create a lot of confusion for shoppers! Also, there isn’t a quick view or quick shop option. This would be a good way to show the different color options, too. I suggest making that addition here.

nalgene2 copy

As the product page for the 32 oz wide mouth bottle clearly shows, it comes in lots of colors! This would be good to see from the category page.

nalgene3 copy

I wondered if the search function would help with this. I already know this wide mouth bottle definitely comes in blue. But take a look at what happened when I entered “blue wide mouth bottle” into the search. It only showed me this easy sipper item, but not any of the water bottle items. Time to update the search function here, guys!

nalgene5 copy

As I explored more of the product categories, I found another problem. Under the stainless steel category, there aren’t any products. There is some text here explaining that the item is sold out and may not be available until next year. What if I want this item, but I don’t want to have to check back on the site all the time to know when it’s available? I strongly suggest adding a field where shoppers can enter their email address to be notified when the item is back in stock.

nalgene4 copy


It’s pretty evident that this ecommerce site can use some serious updates. A search function that works, a quick shop option, and more descriptive navigation menus, will all be good additions to help improve the user experience on


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