Today’s Top News: Twitter Edition

Twitter shows its hand (Internet Retailer)
“We expect that the proportion of active users on, and advertising revenue generated from, mobile devices, will continue to grow in the near term,” Twitter says. Twitter, which disclosed earlier this month its plans to go public says it has more than 218 million active users. That compares to 819 million active users of Facebook as of June 30.”

Twitter’s Accumulated Deficit Is $418.6 Million And That Figure Is About To Get Much Bigger (Tech Crunch)
“It costs a lot of money to build a business of Twitter’s scale. The company raised $1.16 billion prior to its planned initial public offering, which could total $1 billion itself. Here’s another figure: Twitter’s accumulated deficit to date is $418.6 million, a figure that will race to $748.2 million once it goes public and realizes $329.6 million in costs related to stock-based compensation expenses.”

Twitter IPO Shout-Outs, From Obama to Royal Baby (Mashable)
“A quick skim at the S-1 turns up an amusing trend, however: shout-outs for and name-dropping of a hodgepodge of celebrities, brands and other users. Of course, they all have a purpose: serving as miniature case studies meant to demonstrate the value of how Twitter can be used. But it’s an eclectic, random list nonetheless.”

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