Ecommerce Snapshot: GoJane emails

I ordered and received a pair of shoes from ecommerce site about a month ago. Now, I admit I didn’t set my expectations too high. We have featured GoJane on the blog before, and wrote specifically about how the navigation and search are in need of some improvements. Despite this, I like the products, so I bought myself some Chunky Heel Booties. A few weeks later though, I found a strange email in my inbox…

gojane1 copy

Why exactly would they think that a customer like me could answer a question that deals with inventory? This is really weird. I understand reaching out to customers for help answering questions about the fit or feel of a product, and it’s a pretty good strategy. But I can’t help with ordering and inventory issues, and it’s a bit annoying that this was sent to me in the first place. Their filters need work for sure!

At least GoJane seems to already be aware of this problem. At the bottom, the email provides a link to click if it’s not a relevant question. I clicked this in the hopes that it does in fact help their filtering. But in all honesty, I have to imagine that most customers asking product questions are probably looking for answers from a GoJane representative and not a fellow shopper. A live chat feature might be a good addition to this ecommerce site, and I strongly suggest it.


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