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A friend forwarded me an email from Lindt, a retailer of Swiss chocolate, about an upcoming sale. Of course I had to check out their ecommerce site to see all the delicious chocolatey treats! Unfortunately though, I had to throw Lindt in the Lion’s Den of the Ecommerce Outtakes archives. Although this online store is overall pretty good, as I started to browse around, I came across an area that could really stand to improve. By adding more filters and refinement options, I think the shopping experience on this site could be made much easier. Let me show you what I mean.

When I arrived on the home page, I moused over the Shop Our Products tab to view the different categories. I like that there are many options for people to shop, like by taste, by collection, by price, etc. I decided I wanted to find some dark chocolate truffles, so I clicked on dark chocolate under the shop by taste menu.

lindt1 copy

The dark chocolate page offers several ways to sort the products, which is nice. However, I would like to see a filtering option so that I can pick an item type within the dark chocolate category. Instead, I have to scroll through to find only the truffle products. My suggestion is to allow shoppers to filter by collection within a “taste” or flavor of chocolate.

lindt2 copy

On the flip side of that coin, it would also be great if customers could filter by taste within a collection. As you can see below, on the truffles page, I have to scroll through to find the dark chocolate options.

lindt3 copy

Trying another tactic, I entered “dark chocolate truffles” into the search function. This returned quite a few results. However, this page offers no filtering or sorting menus at all. At least on the other pages I can sort by price, A-Z, and best sellers. I suggest adding those options to the search results page as well.

lindt4 copyLindt’s ecommerce shop isn’t bad, but with additional refinement options and sorting menus, the user experience could be really improved. I suggest making these updates to help customers more easily find the chocolates they crave.



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    Yep, they need faceted search. The real question, for them, is whether it matters. I would guess that Lindt’s primary source of sales is via their distributors. But if they _do_ do a lot of B2C, though, I’d definitely look in to faceted search. This is a typical case of browsable-facets. They sell 1 category of products — chocolate. I don’t think they’d even have categories because I’m not sure what the category would be. White vs. Milk? Nah. You might want to look at both. Price? Nope. Collection? Too arbitrary. There’s only 1 correct way to do this.

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