Steeped in suggestions for Argo Tea’s ecommerce store

I often visit Argo Tea stores here in New York city, and I love their delicious beverages. Although this retailer only has brick-and-mortar locations in just a few other cities, there is also an ecommerce storefront for Argo Tea. I was really excited about this online shop, but as I was browsing the site, my excitement started to fade. There are some aspects of this site that made my shopping experience less than great. Let’s take a look at where this retailer has room to improve.

As you might expect, I came to this site to shop for tea. From the home page, I clicked on the Loose Leaf Tea tab in the upper left to get started. This brought me to the main page of all the teas, with the different varieties listed in the left navigation. There aren’t any products on this page, but the various subcategories are also featured visually for shoppers to choose from. Overall, I like this well-organized page.

argotea1 copy

I like that Argo Tea offers the option to shop for caffeine-free teas, and I noticed they also have a Guide to Caffeine Levels. I figured since I could shop for teas without caffeine, it might be nice to also see which teas have the most caffeine. Sometimes you want that extra kick! I clicked on the guide to check it out.

Here’s where I ran into the first problem. As you can see below, this page explains a lot about caffeine levels, and even lists which teas fall into each area. However, you can’t click on anything from here. I can’t get to the product page for any of these teas, and I can’t even click the heading, like Teas With High Caffeine, to see the whole list. Shoppers wanting to browse by caffeine level will have to search out each tea individually. How frustrating!

argotea2 copy

This is especially strange to me considering Argo Tea’s ecommerce store does have a specific page for caffeine-free teas, shown below. Why not copy this design and also create pages for teas with high, moderate and low caffeine as well? Then people could click to those categories right from this guide, and it would make the whole process a lot easier.

argotea3 copy

I decided to take a look at what Argo Tea products were on sale. Much to my disappointment, the sale section was empty. My suggestion is to always have items in every category, including the sale section. If there’s nothing in it, it’s a waste of a page, and a potentially frustrating experience for the customer. Add products here, or get rid of the page.

argotea4 copy

The Argo Tea ecommerce site has a nice look and design, but there is definitely some room for improvement. Adjustments to the caffeine guide to make it clickable, and creating pages for each caffeine level, would be a good start. Also, making sure there are products in the sale section is another important update. With these additions, this site could offer customers a much better shopping experience.



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