Hard to keep track on Turntable Lab

As someone who makes music, I often find myself shopping on the Turntable Lab¬†ecommerce site. This retailer sells a lot of great DJ equipment, electronics, and other products for music lovers. I’m a huge fan of the site, so I was sad when I ran into some issues trying to track one of my orders.

I had purchased some headphones on the site, and I got an email with my shipping information. As you can see below, the email gave me my tracking number, and a button to click to track my package. Of course, I clicked the button.

ttl1Here’s where I hit a big problem. The link didn’t take me to the website for a shipping service, like USPS or FedEx, etc. Instead it took me to a Google search for the tracking number, which, as you might guess, didn’t return any results.



Not very helpful, Turntable Lab! If you’re going to help your customers track their orders, you should make sure the links actually lead to the right place.


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