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Happy Friday! This week’s Badge of Honor goes to Hallmark, and the customizable card feature on their ecommerce site. Personally, I tend to think most greeting cards are corny, so I usually buy blank cards and write my own messages. But with Hallmark’s site, I can choose any card and print whatever I want inside. Not only is this feature really cool, but it’s also very well-designed and easy to use. Take a look at the steps, and see why I think it deserves the Badge of Honor.

Hallmark-Logo copy

To begin browsing through Hallmark’s cards, I first clicked on the Shop tab. Here, I found lots of refinement options in the left navigation to help me narrow down my choices. I used these to drill down, first selecting Cards from the Product Type menu, and then Birthday from the Occasion menu.

hallmark1 copyI started scrolling through the fun card designs offered in this section. When I found one I liked, I clicked through to the product page. As you can see, there are lots of great elements here, including a detailed product description, service and delivery info, and more. You can scroll to see it, or use the tabs at the top, which is a nice way to organize the information here. Then, instead of an Add to Cart button, there’s simply a button that says “Personalize.” Although people don’t have to personalize, it’s a great call to action to encourage people to make the cards their own!

hallmark2 copy

The first step in the personalization process is to select the layout of the card, and add any additional pictures or text that you want. I love how the site displays the different options there are, making it very easy to insert all the elements the shoppers may want to include.

hallmark3 copyAnother really nice feature here is that users can access a whole library of messages to add to the card, if they decide not to write their own. All you have to do is select the occasion or sentiment, and you can find lots of messages to choose from. These may even be good to help people get inspiration for writing their own messages. Either way, it’s a great addition. Shoppers aren’t stuck with the text that’s already in the card. Pick and choose what you want and make something unique!

hallmark4 copy

Once the customer has created the perfect, personal card, the site then performs a spell check (awesome) and prompts you to review your work. Once you click the “Approve, continue” button, you have two options: continue without saving, or save your card design. Since saving meant I would have to create an account on the site, I elected to pass on this part of the process. However, this is a really cool idea for frequent users of the site who would like to archive all their designs. It gives this ecommerce site even more of a personal touch.

Finally, users can select if they want Hallmark to address and mail the card to the recipient. It makes perfect sense that a card company would offer to send your cards for you, but I think Hallmark goes above and beyond here. There are also options to have additional cards shipped to the shopper, and store pickup is even offered in a couple of cities. Giving shoppers lots of options is always a good thing.

hallmark6 copy

Hallmark’s ecommerce store offers up a nice user experience for shoppers looking to customize their cards. From adding pictures, to choosing messages from their library of options, to having the cards mailed for you, there are so many great options on this site that make it very easy for shoppers to create and send exactly what they want. I’m excited to not have to rely on the stock of cards at the drugstore anymore, and I’m glad to know it’s so simple to personalize Hallmark’s products. Cool stuff!


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