Today’s Top Ecommerce News For Sept 19

E-commerce bigger in China than United States (
“Compared with their U.S. peers, Taobao versus eBay, versus Amazon, Suning vs. Walmart, the Chinese leading e-commerce players have a much shorter history. However, they will take a bigger e-commerce share from the overall retail space soon.”

5 Surprising Places Where Ecommerce Is Taking Off (
“What characterizes a market that’s primed for ecommerce growth? It’s not a country’s population size, income per capita, nor even the amount its residents are spending on retail goods every year — though those all play a role. Rather, a complex variety of factors signal immediate to near-term ecommerce opportunity in a given region, a new study from Forrester Research shows.”

3 Reasons Why Ecommerce Companies Need Content Marketing (
“To the layperson, it might almost seem like an e-commerce business can’t fail. When the term ecommerce is used, many of us immediately think of sites like—so mighty, they seem almost to dominate our world, rarely missing a step and never failing to offer consumers precisely what they need.”

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