Today’s Top Ecommerce News For Sept 18

How digital coupons influence shopping behavior (
“This summer, 54 percent of online back-to-school shoppers cited coupons as the leading factor that influenced them to shop at a particular store. The latest Snapshot report “Consumer Use of Digital Coupons” examines the new frontier in coupons: digital and mobile.”

How to build your email list to personalize the ecommerce experience (
“Like the excitement you feel when getting a phone number to set-up a date, gaining an email address from an ecommerce website visitor is the first step in building a relationship and turning that shopper into a customer.
But how can an ecommerce site gain visitor confidence in order to encourage them to provide their email address?”

Marketing to Affluent Customers, for High Margins (
“Many online retailers compete on price. But selling luxury products to relatively affluent shoppers with annual incomes above $100,000 per year is an exercise in brand building and content marketing. Shoppers buying luxury apparel and accessories spend $902 per purchase on average, according to a Google Think Insights report released this month, and $3,835 per purchase on jewelry and watches on average. Other luxury purchases may include electronics or household items, including furniture.”

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