Having a bad hair day at Bumble & Bumble

Today I was shopping around on the Bumble and bumble ecommerce site for some hair products. They offer some really great products that I’ve used at salons before, so I wanted to see about ordering some online. But when I started browsing this site, I ran into some problems. From the home page, I used the navigation tabs at the top of the page. When I moused over the Products category, a drop-down opened showing me the different product types, and I selected the Shampoo and Conditioner category to check out the products here.

bumblebumble1 copy

However when I selected this product category, things get weird. First off, the layout is strange, showing only two products side-by-side, making the page extra long. Also, there isn’t any way to sort. There are more than 30 items to choose from in this section, but  I have to scroll through them all. Offering some sorting options, like best sellers and price, would be a nice element for Bumble and bumble to include on these pages.

bumblebumble2 copy

In the upper left navigation, I did find some options to narrow these results down a bit. I can choose a product type: Shampoo, Conditioner, or Masques and Extra Help. But even when I selected just shampoo, there are still 15 products to scroll through. Again, sorting menus would be a good addition.

Another element I found in this left navigation is the ability to browse products by hair type or hair needs. For example, I selected the Thick Hair option. However, I was taken out of the Shampoo and Conditioner category and instead was taken to a whole page of all types of products specifically for my hair type. This is a nice idea, but here too they’ve given me over 30 products and no way to narrow it down. There aren’t even those filtering options to select a certain type of product, like Shampoo or Conditioner, which would be super helpful here.

bumblebumble3 copy

Also, at the top of the page, there’s a thin blue bar highlighting a special promotion. It’s pretty hard to see though! I would suggest making these promotional offers more apparent, so that customers will be likelier to make a purchase to receive the special deal.

My main suggestion for Bumble and bumble’s ecommerce site is to integrate more sorting and filtering options into all these pages. For each type of product, shoppers should have some sorting options, as well as the ability to filter for their hair type or needs within the category. Also, if a shopper wants to browse by hair type or needs first, they should be able to filter the product types within that page too. These updates will really help customers find the right hair product on this site.



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  1. Posted September 20, 2013 at 7:32 am | Permalink

    It is ever so important to design your web site with the customer in mind. Imagine them all as very unsophisticated people. When I happen upon an ecommerce site that I find tedious or confusing, I usually don’t hang around too long. There are plenty of other places I can go to spend my cash.

    Seems that sometimes the developers have designed the sites with too much slick gimmickry. I am not a web developer. I am a simple guy looking to buy your products. Why does it have to be so difficult?

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