Today’s Top Ecommerce News For Sept 17

Online Retail Sales Growth Doubles Amid E-Commerce Boom (
“Online retail sales growth doubled on the month in August as the march of e-commerce continues to build pace. The IMRG/Capgemini E-Retail Sales Index said online retail sales grew by 18% in August, up from 9% growth in July when consumers opted for high streets in the heatwave rather than laptops at home”

Holiday Ecommerce Promotions to Prepare in September (
“In “2013 Holiday Ecommerce Preparedness Checklist,” we addressed tasks to do now for the holiday rush. This article adds a few ideas that are more customer and marketing centric.”

How can ecommerce carousels be more effective? (
“I wrote a post on the use of carousels on ecommerce sites earlier this year, and the general consensus was negative, and that such space could be put to better use. However, is this just that these carousels haven’t been implemented properly?”

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