Still Cringing over’s Emails

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about a weird experience on Dior’s ecommerce site. After receiving an email about a product, we were unable to find the product on the site. It was a prime example of email marketing gone wrong. Unfortunately, Dior is not done. Since that time, I’ve gotten two more strange emails from this retailer in my inbox. Take a look at these mistakes, and make sure to avoid them in any email marketing you might send!

First mistake: don’t send an email in a language your customers don’t know. I received this email from Dior that looks nice, but is entirely in French. I realize that this brand is from France, and many of the product names are in French, but typically the text of the emails are in English. In fact, if you look at the top, it says in English, “If you cannot display this message correctly, click here.” But then the rest of the copy is in French, and I have no idea what it’s about. It’s pretty bad email marketing to send a message your customers may not be able to read.

dioremail1 copy

Then to add to the list of mistakes, I received another Dior email this week that made me cringe. Here’s mistake number two: don’t send an email made entirely of broken images. The email below is useless. I can’t see anything!

dioremail2 copy

I clicked the link at the top to try and view the email in a web page, but the images here were broken too. What a mess!

dioremail3 copy

I don’t know what’s going on over in Dior’s marketing department, but it’s in serious need of quality control. Test emails before you send them to make sure the links and images work, and make sure the text of the emails is in the right language. Otherwise, your email marketing isn’t doing your brand any favors. I certainly wasn’t inspired to make a purchase from the ecommerce site based on these, and I doubt other shoppers would be either.


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