The Top Ecommerce Post Of The Week

The weekend is here and so its time to catch up on the latest news in the ecommerce industry you might have missed during the week. Also check out the posts of this week and find out who won our badge of honor for the month.

How Social Commerce Is Winning By Going After The Entire Shopping Experience, From Browsing To Sale (
“If social commerce is ever going to fulfill its ambitions, it must go after all parts of what is known as the consumer purchase funnel.”

Ecommerce-Business”>Managing the Gross Margin of your Ecommerce Business (
“The gross margin calculation of sales minus cost of goods sold is a fundamental key performance indicator of any business that sells products. It measures the profit generated from each product you sell. It is something that many small ecommerce merchants overlook when they focus exclusively on revenue growth or volume.”

When it comes to e-commerce, retailers must ensure they are tablet-ready (
“We used to be a nation of shopkeepers where the customer was king. However, with the decline of the high street, retail is now dominated by the shopping mall model – centralised hubs where the customer experience becomes increasingly homogenised.”

From The blog:

Suggestions for The Honest Company’s Ecommerce Site

And the Best Badge of Honor for August is…

A Case for Responsive Design



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