Badge of Honor: Mack Weldon

TGIF! We love Fridays because Fridays are Badge of Honor days, and this week’s Badge of Honor goes to Mack Weldon, an ecommerce retailer of men’s underwear. So what makes this site so great? Basically, we’re big fans of the unique ways they showcase their products. You’ve got to see it, so let’s dive in!

mackweldonlogo copy

First off, check out the use of video on this ecommerce store. When you select either the Underwear or Undershirts category tabs from the top of the page, you’ll see that there are only a few types of products for each. However, in order to add more interest and visual appeal, Mack ¬†Weldon features some cool looped videos to show the products that start as soon as you open the page. Take a look at this short recording of the Underwear page. The model wanders in and out of the page, wearing the different types of underwear. It definitely shows the product better than any picture can!

When you click to view a product page, there’s another cool element here. The product images have arrows on them, pointing shoppers directly to the aspects of this item that set it apart from other similar products. This is a good tactic, especially for a brand looking to convince potential customers to spend $24 on a pair of boxer briefs. These arrows guide people to the exact reasons why this product is worth the money.

mackweldon1 copyAnother interesting element of this product page is that although you’re looking at the information for the boxer brief, you can switch to any of the other types of underwear right from here. Click on the Trunk button and it switches to that product page, without the shopper having to navigate back to the category page. I think this is really nice. It allows shoppers to easily explore a whole category without unnecessary clicks.

Also, check out this cool thing that happens when you add something to your cart. A pop-up in the upper right shows which items you’ve added, with the option to view your cart or checkout. But take a look just above it. On this ecommerce store, the more you buy, the bigger discount you can get. A little progress bar appears to alert the shopper to the percentage they can save if they spend a certain amount. Pretty cool incentive to load up that cart!

mackweldon2 copyI also want to quickly highlight the easy checkout process offered on this site. The first step is to enter your email address, and if you’re a new customer, create a password. After that, all the steps are clearly laid out so shoppers can see their progress. There’s an option to save the address, which is great. I also like that it displays what’s in the cart, including images. Basically, it’s foolproof.

mackweldon3 copy

As you can see, Mack Weldon offers shoppers a very easy and intuitive shopping experience. On top of that, they use some creative methods for showcasing their products. Short, looped product videos, along with little arrows on the product images highlighting the item’s features, both really help this ecommerce store to stand out. We hope you enjoy your Badge of Honor, Mack Weldon! Keep up the great work.



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