Today’s Top Ecommerce News For Sept 12

4 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Increase eCommerce Sales (
“Social media is a bit of a puzzle for eCommerce. On the one hand, new social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest provide a direct connection between brands and customers. Yet social media tends to produce precisely bupkis in direct online sales.”

Eye Tracking to Boost Conversion Rate of your Ecommerce Site (
“Do you know that your website images play a biggest role in boosting up the conversion rate of your website? To know the importance of your website’ images, you can give a look on eye tracking reports; however, you also need to run one.”

Reducing Cart Abandonment (
“The most important part of any ecommerce site is the checkout: the collection of money from your customers. You have spent time and money getting customers to your site, you have managed to convince them to purchase, and all you have to do is take their details and their money. So many sites lose customers at this point. It is called cart abandonment. Every cart abandoned is a lost sale and every lost sale is a problem.”

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