Re-Marketing Run-Around:

Last week, I had a really weird experience with the Dior ecommerce site that I just had to share. It all began in my inbox, when I received an email from notifying me that my product is back in stock. This is strange, because I don’t remember ever signing up to be notified about a specific product. Also, the only items on Dior’s site that I ever check out are the nail polishes. The picture in this email doesn’t look like a nail polish, so I’m stumped.


I decided to investigate this, so I clicked the “Buy Online” button. Oddly, this didn’t actually take me to the product page for this item, like you would expect. Instead, I was taken to the home page:

dior2 copy

This is pretty annoying, because now I actually had to search for the product they emailed me about and find out what the deal was. This made me encounter another annoying feature of this site. The search is hidden in the upper right corner of the page. I say hidden, because it doesn’t look like a search. You have to click on the word “Search” in order to open the field you type into. Ugh…

Anyway, I copied the product name, Grand Bal Collection, right from the email into the search field. Guess what:


Two products, and neither of them look like that picture from my email. What gives? I thought I’d try for round two, and use the second part of the product name, Long Wearing Haute Couleur. This search was even worse, returning only one product: an eye shadow palate.


Just for the hell of it, I even tried searching for the number I saw below the product name in the email, thinking it might be the SKU number. But no… this was another worthless search that turned up no results.

Under normal circumstances, I would have given up and left this site a long time ago. But I really wanted to get to the bottom of this for the sake of this blog post, so I kept browsing the site. I finally came across this product, which had turned up in my first search. It’s called Grand Bal, so the name is right. However, the bottle here doesn’t look at all like the bottle in the email I got. I have to assume it’s the same product, but I can’t be sure.


This is the closest I got to figuring this out. If this is the same product, it’s very confusing that the image from the website and the image in the email don’t match. Basically this whole experience was very frustrating. I don’t know what’s going on with Dior’s ecommerce site, or their email marketing, but I know I’m not the only one who hates getting the run around. Here’s hoping they get their act together!


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