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Smartphones are playing a significant role in back-to-school shopping (Internet Retailer)
“48.9% of parents with smartphones are using their devices to find coupons and discounts, the survey finds. 38.7% are using their devices to showroom (checking out products in-store while using a smartphone to compare prices and potentially buy online later); 34.2% to access a retailer’s mobile site or app; 31.9% to find a store location; 30.5% to make a shopping list; 24.9% to obtain product information; and 20.5% to make a purchase, the survey says.”

Etsy Ripoff Site Gets Smackdown from Google. Amazon Next? (Ecommerce Bytes)
“A Hong Kong website that appears to have scraped product listings from Etsy in order to drive traffic to its site through Google search results has turned to Amazon’s affiliate program for revenue after Google apparently ejected the site from its AdSense advertising program. But it took 5 months from the time sellers first discussed the site on Etsy discussion boards for any action to have been taken at all.

Etsy sellers noticed in March, but weren’t sure if it was helpful in driving traffic to their listings, though they noted it appeared to be “fishy.” When people clicked on the listings in Google search results, they were taken to duplicate listings on instead of Etsy – but the listings included a “Buy on Etsy Store” button that directed shoppers back to Etsy. It’s not clear if Etsy was aware of the site being discussed on its boards. The site appears to be what’s called a scraper site designed to siphon traffic and generate ad revenue – had been running Google ads on its site.”

The Coming of the Digital Wallets (E-commerce Times)
“Square Wallet uses some remarkably low-tech solutions, one of which is to get the user to register an existing bank card along with a photograph of themselves. Then, when they want to pay for something in-store, the merchant can verify the user based on the photograph that appears on the store terminal.

PayPal has been working on a similar photo-based identification system. The technology used includes WiFi rather than Near Field Communication, which involves additional hardware that adds to the cost. It is expected that future smartphone growth may be in mid-range phones, not high-end.”

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