Badge of Honor: Cappello’s

It’s time to award another ecommerce Badge of Honor! Today I must have been a little hungry while I was searching for a worthy site, because the Badge is going to Cappello’s. This Colorado-based retailer makes gluten-free, grain-free pasta for people on special diets. Although they only sell a few products, this beautifully designed and easy to use site speaks volumes. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the Cappello’s win.

cappellos copy

Arriving on the home page, users will immediately see that there is a black-and-white theme going on here. This is a little unexpected, especially in the world of food products, where you generally see color photos that will make your mouth water. But I think the black and white is a good thing in this case. Cappello’s is a small brand, but exploring this site, you get the sense that they’re very serious about their products. Black and white plays a big part in that.

cappelos1 copy

I clicked the “Buy Online” tab at the top of the page to visit the ecommerce shop. Here again, I found an unexpected element. The product names appear on black bars, and there is an arrow by each one. When you click this, a drop-down opens providing the product description, exactly what is contained in each package, and an ingredient list (definitely helpful for shoppers with dietary restrictions!) No product pages, just select the quantity and add to cart right from here. It’s certainly not a standard format, but it’s simple, intuitive, and it stands out.

cappellos2 copy

There is nothing unnecessary here, and I like that. The picture in the background does show the gnocchi and fettuccini, so it’s not as if shoppers have no idea what they’re getting. Anyway, people generally know what pasta looks like! Shoppers can then access the cart from the black tab on the upper right of the page.

To top it off, the checkout process is also very easy. On the cart review page, customers find out about shipping and can edit their cart right from here. There is also an link to the FAQ page in orange, which is especially attention-grabbing on a black-and-white page.

cappellos3 copy

When you proceed to the checkout, all the fields you need to fill in for billing and shipping are on one page, which is nice. However, here’s where I found my one complaint with this ecommerce store. I wish there was a button to click if your billing info is the same as your shipping address. I hate having to enter the same thing twice!

cappellos4 copyBesides this, the rest of the checkout is easy. The next page offers shoppers the option to choose one of six different shipping options. After that, you simply enter your payment information and finalize the order.

Cappello’s takes today’s Badge of Honor for a great site design. The way this ecommerce store uses black-and-white imagery, drop-down product descriptions, and skips product pages altogether is definitely not typical–but that’s not a bad thing at all. It just goes to show that it’s possible to break the mold while still providing shoppers with a simple, intuitive shopping experience. Here’s hoping more online retailers follow their lead!


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