Today’s Top Ecommerce news For August 14

Email Marketing 101: How to Write the Perfect Customer Email (

“Every company now seems to be on the email marketing bandwagon and with good business justification. Email is one of the most efficient marketing communications tools available today with current and potential customers, partially because it is very cost effective. With such popularity, inboxes are now saturated with messages, the vast majority of which are poorly written and border on spam.”

9 Best SEO Practices for Your E-Commerce Sites (

“Some say “build it and they will come” and others randomly spout “content is king,” but technical SEO is very much a real and necessary part of ranking your site online.  And, it always will be because Google needs some way to understand what people search for and what to show them based on what they type in. With that in mind, here are some wise SEO tips to keep in mind for your e-commerce site”

7 ways to increase newsletter sign-ups before the holidays (
“Less than five months to Christmas Day, now is the time you should be growing your newsletter database as fast and effectively as possible. I just signed up – or attempted to sign up – to 14 online gift retailers’ newsletters and here is what I’d suggest.”

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