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A friend steered me toward the Revolve Clothing ecommerce site, and right into today’s snapshot. When I navigated to the women’s dresses section, I looked to the left navigation for some refinement options to help me narrow down this selection. Above the filters for price, color and size, shoppers can select a category. But really, how helpful is this when there are so many options that I have to scroll to see them all? 39 categories is too many categories, guys. Trim this list!

revolve1 copy

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One Comment

  1. Posted August 8, 2013 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    An even bigger problem is that their filters only _look_ like faceted search — they’re only only parametric. You have to click search (an extra step), and it doesn’t eliminate dead ends. They need to fix this. I kept clicking and waiting, wondering when the page would refresh. The interface is different on search vs. navigation, which is also a no-no.

    Either way, you can get to a place like this:

    That should never happen. Faceted search should eliminate those calculations a priori. Think about it, you can “click” on them a priori to know whether any single click will yield a 0 results page!

    I like their product and merchandising overall, though.

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