A Look At How Online Retailers Are Promoting Their Brand Using Instagram Video

Instagram for business allows retailers to post content that lets them share experiences and adventures with their followers. A 15 second video gives an opportunity for a retailer to showcase products and let users really feel and see the product they may be interested in. Some companies are using this opportunity to present moments users can’t see anywhere else by taking them behind the scenes or showing them a glimpse of an exclusive product. Lets take a look at a few retailers leveraging social media videos to bring their products to life:

Burberry lets their customers in to experience a glimpse behind the scenes of their Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show. It has garnished over 18,000 likes and futher cements the identity of their brand. Sophisticated luxury.

Yoga brand Lululemon uses stop motion to show a women doing a yoga pose at various locations. Theyencourage their users to do the same and use the hashtag #justmymat. This is fun and engaging to their followers.

Sneaker Giant Nike shows off their latest creation dubbed the ‘Free fly Knit” with a second skin fit. What does that all mean? I had no idea but when you watch this video it immediately shows the comfort and stability this sneaker can provide. Will I have been able to feel that with a picture? Not at all

One of the largest online retailers Forever21 uses their channel to showcase new products and let followers in on their photo-shoots. In this example they use stop motion to make pairs of heels come alive. The post has over 44,000 likes with users raving that it is ‘so cool”. This further portrays their cool hip fashion brand identity.

Dont have the time to browse Victoria secret? No worries. This retailer showcases their product lines in 15 seconds while also engaging their followers to play alongin a game to guess how many outfits were displayed in the video and then use the #mixup hashtag to submit their answers.

Michael Kors celebrates outside on the steps with a bottle of champagne and candle lit cupcakes to showcase their new product lines. The natural light really gives a truthful portrayal of their products instead of an online picture with a white background and special effects. To date the post has over 56,000 views.

Fashion retailer Topshop showcases multiple outfits centered around their summer denim looks line. In the description they also add the product codes so users can locate the items with ease. This video is said to have received over 2,000 likes in just a few minutes after airing.

Retailers have jumped on the Instagram video bandwagon and found creative ways to promote their brand and showcase products. Will your business thrive from this marketing channel?

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