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I visited the Tommy Hilfiger ecommerce store at because I heard they were having a great sale. When I arrived on the home page, sure enough, I found a large banner promoting this sale of an extra 50% off sale items. That’s a serious discount! I clicked on the Women’s Sale button to see what I could find.

tommy1 copy

When I got to the Women’s sale section, I thought it might be nice to see all the products, and then narrow down my results using the filters in the left navigation menu. So I clicked the View All button in the upper right of the page. However, when I started scrolling down, I realized the page only displayed 26 products. There’s no way this can be all the sale items!

tommy2 copy

When I selected a category from the left menu, like Shirts & Tops, the site returned 5 pages of results. This is obviously way more than the 26 items it originally showed me.

tommy3 copyThe other bummer here is that I can’t select more than one category at once. So if I wanted to see Shirts & Tops, Pants & Shorts, and Accessories, I have to view them all separately, since obviously the View All option doesn’t work. This goes for the other filters as well. I can’t choose more than one price range, color, or size either.

I would really suggest some updates to make this sale (and future sales) easier to shop. The ability to select multiple refinement options simultaneously would be great, and so would a View All option that actually displays all the products. I certainly like the savings, Tommy Hilfiger, but the usability? Not so much.



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