Is This The Future Of Ecommerce? Googles Experiments With YouTube Stores

When Google bought Youtube we knew it was an acquisition to further cement their stake in the online video industry. An average of 72 Hours of video are uploaded to youtube every 60 seconds ranging from all different subjects. One of the most popular categories has been instructional how-to videos which has been led by the growth of females who are looking for beauty tips and recommendations for new products. Google has found a new way to monetize this segment beyond advertisements, it is experimenting with companies to showcase their items and help viewers discover and purchase those products, all while integrated into their own YouTube channels.

Hair product brand Tresemme is the first to turn their YouTube channel into a store.  They couple their how-to, style setter, and quick tips videos to showcase their new line of hair care products which has already generated more than 2.7 million views on its channel. The ability to reach shoppers at the moments they are watching a video and lead them to purchasing a product has huge potential to increase revenue of online retailers.

Lets take a look at the new Youtube Ecommerce Store by Tresemme:

youtube ecommerce
Right off the bat we can see an integration of the brand’s identity from the colors to the font. We see a list of categories that resonate with the product from fashion week to instructional videos. We also see a clear call to action button which makes it very easy for users to purchase immediately when they land on the channel. Simple and clean.


How to videos

Clicking on “How-to” leads us to a beautiful display of all their videos which showcases the different uses for their products. These instructional videos entice the user to try their product and replicate what they have just seen. Its a great form of marketing that feels natural and welcomes the user to experience their brand.


Product display
Their products page also has a great design that connects with the brand. These videos transition the user from “How-to” to “What is”. Here they use videos to explain their products in detail and help the user find a product they are looking for based on their problem, in this case frizzy hair.


Product page

Clicking on one of the videos above leads us to their product page. Here we can see heavy customer engagement led by comment responses and also integration of reviews left on the company website. Shoppers usually scour the internet for reviews before purchasing a product they are interested in, by displaying them on the youtube channel they create a single unified experience for the customer without having to leave the page.  This creates an overall great user experience.


Product buy now

Once we are ready to purchase and click the “Buy Button”, we see a menu pop up which allows us to select which product we want and where we can purchase it. The price and stock availability are also displayed making it a seamless process to go from watching a video to purchasing. Well done. Please Confirm Your Action

If we go with we are taken to their shopping cart page where you can immediately add the product to your shopping cart. This whole process was incredibly smooth,fast, and easy. This reassured me that companies should be really excited for the potential of using the youtube platform as an extension of their commerce store.  This can be a game changer.


Do you think Ecommerce on Youtube will be a game changer or a dud? Let us know in the comments

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