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An E-Commerce Giant Reveals Its Strange Strategy: Sending Customers To Competitors (
“Wayfair is really good at selling things online. The Boston-based company sold $600 million worth of home décor products last year, and CEO Niraj Shah says that revenues are growing at 40% quarter-over-quarter. At that rate, the company could close in on $1 billion in sales for 2013”

Ecommerce and Brick-and-mortar Retail Converge (
“The U.S. retail industry grew 2 percent in the first quarter of 2013, according to trend-tracking firm, comScore. By comparison, online retailing in the U.S. grew 13 percent to about $50 billion for the same quarter, effectively making ecommerce the fastest growing retail segment.”

8 Tools to Personalize your Ecommerce Site (
“Personalizing an ecommerce site doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Often, it’s just about finding the right tool, implementing it on your site, and letting the software do its magic. If you’re thinking about adding more personalization features, the following tools and services will enable you to do so quickly and easily”

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