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Christmas in July: Why You Should Prepare Your Online Store for the Holidays Now (
“In the middle of July you’re consumed with sunny days, barbecues and beach vacations. Sleigh bells, snowflakes and gift wrap are probably the last things on your mind, and that’s understandable. As an online business owner, though, you need to be thinking ahead – as far as you’re concerned, the holidays are right around the corner! – See more at:”

Email Marketing & Cart Abandonment Results
“A few months ago, I shared our plan to implement email marketing with promises to share how things went … and the results are in! I’m happy to report with the help of Klaviyo and Rejoiner we were able to generate 10.5% of our overall sales from email marketing in June.” Think Tank: Retailers must rise to the smartphone challenge (
“As more consumers switch from standard cell phones to smartphones and also adopt a multitude of tablet devices, retailers no longer need to be convinced that it’s worthwhile to invest time and resources in this emerging area. Mobile devices have added to the number of possible touch points for a brand experience, presenting both an opportunity to reach busy consumers in more ways and a challenge to manage in terms of devices, platforms and user experience. “

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