Ecommerce Snapshot: Pegasus Airlines

I frequently have to find flights and book travel for coworkers. Although I have some sites I like to use, I’ll often start by just searching in Google for the flight I want. One of these searches led me to the Pegasus Airlines ecommerce site. I had to feature it here on the blog because I came across a pretty ridiculous snapshot on the site. Take a look.

First, I entered the dates and cities in the search to find available flights. When I got the results, I noticed the word FLEX just to the upper right of the prices of the flights. I’m guessing this might be short for flexible, but I don’t know what this means specifically about these flights.

pegasus copyFLEX was a link, so I clicked on it to find out more information. It opened another window in my browser, and provided me with just about the least helpful answer I’ve ever seen:

pegasus2 copyA blank window with five question marks? That’s all you’ve got for me, Pegasus? I have to say, I’m definitely not inspired to purchase anything, let alone something as expensive as a flight, when a site gives me bizarre non-answers like this. Hopefully this airline’s ecommerce site can make some updates to provide helpful information, rather than question marks!



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