Badge of Honor:

It’s time to award another Badge of Honor! This week’s Badge goes to a great ecommerce site called Beatport, an online music store for DJs. For people who DJ, this site offers a great shopping experience. Let’s take a look at what earned Beatport this Badge!

beatport copy

Let’s start with the home page.  Don’t know what you are looking for or want something new? You can find it all right here. This page has the Beatport top 10 tracks on the site on the right, but you can also check out the new releases or DJ suggestions sections. It’s nice how shoppers are able easily listen without having to leave the home page. It definitely makes browsing quick and easy! You’ll also notice the search field at the top, which let’s you know that you can search by artist, label or track. Love this search function!

beatport3 copyAs you browse around, you can listen to the songs before you buy them. Easily preview every track on the album and buy them individually, or purchase the album as a whole. While you can’t listen to the entire track in some cases, (people are known to pirate!) it previews the most important part of the track: the mid-song break, where most DJs will mix in or mix out. The sound wave preview is especially great for digital DJs, as you get a visual sense of the ups and downs of the track.

Got lost in the sound and forgot what you listened to earlier? It’s not problem on Beatport, because the drop down on the player keeps a history of all your tracks, kind of like a wish list. You can even add songs to your cart right from here.  Such a nice feature!

beatport4 copy

Another thing this ecommerce site does well is cross selling. Product pages offer more releases from the label for you to check out, as well as a “People Also Bought” section. It’s a great way to get shoppers exploring, and likely purchasing, more albums and tracks.

beatport2 copyOf course, since the products are digital, checkout is super easy. Once you’re registered, just enter your card and billing info, and you’re good to download your tracks! The site makes future purchases easier too, because it keeps all your billing and card information on file in your account. It also keeps track of all your downloads, offering the ability to re-download them within 24 hours of purchase (in case something goes wrong with the first file transfer). After 24 hours however, you’ll have to purchase them again… or get in touch with support

beatport6 copy
Beatport’s music ecommerce store offers such a great user experience, we just had to give it a Badge of Honor. For making it so simple to discover, preview and purchase tracks, this site definitely earned this Badge! Keep up the great work.



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