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E-commerce Success Story: How Bertie’s Closet turned a Hobby into a Goldmine (
“I see hundreds of PrestaShop stores launch every day but when I came across Bertie’s Closet their beautiful site and unique products left me in awe. Selling original handmade laptop, tablet and kindle cases, Bertie’s Closet illustrates how two imaginative individuals sewing from their quaint California home managed to turn their creative gift into an e-commerce goldmine.”

5 Third-Party Tools for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment (
“I’ll point this out from the start – there’s already a myriad of great articles available online in regard to reducing shopping cart abandonment for e-commerce websites, and rightfully so – the average cart abandonment rate as of April of 2013 is 67.35%.5 Third Party Tools for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment5 Third Party Tools for Reducing Shopping Cart AbandonmentHowever, most of the articles on this topic focus particularly on reasons behind why visitors are abandoning in the first place. But what if you’ve already decided that you want to focus on reducing cart abandonment and simply don’t know where to start? Or, what if you’re not quite sure that you have the right tools necessary to implement a successful reduction strategy? Thankfully, there are plenty of great options with third-party companies and here are a few of my personal favorites.”

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Opening an Ecommerce Business (
“You might be prepared to open an online retail business. You have the funding, cash flow planned, inventory managed, and even a marketing campaign ready to launch. But there are some other things you’ll want to know before you start doing business.”

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