Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Fab ditches flash sales emails, unveils ‘following’ system to help shoppers discover new deals (
“Fab, the e-commerce startup dedicated to design products, has made a significant move today after it stopped sending its signature flash sales emails in favor of a more personalized approach that lets users ‘follow’ categories of interest, a la Pinterest”

MBA Blog: Is e-commerce becoming m-commerce? (
“The boundaries for commerce are mitigated. Pure-play business models (like Amazon, eBay etc.) cannot exist without brick and mortar, neither can brick and mortar without online presence”

9 pieces of data e-commerce entrepreneurs should collect (
“There’s no question that the future of e-commerce is in personalization. But you can’t improve your customers’ online shopping experience (or retain existing customers) without understanding what it is they want in the first place — which means you need to be understanding, and then acting, on whatever data you’re collecting.”

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