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Ecommerce Analytics for Multiple Devices, Channels (
“Many ecommerce owners use analytics to measure page views, traffic, and conversion rates. That is all well and good, but it is old-school.

In today’s multi-device, multichannel world, marketers are finding it challenging to connect the dots between the web, mobile, and their backend data. A simplified view of the visitor’s journey to conversion just won’t cut it. There‚Äôs more to tracking consumers’ shopping and buying habits, what influenced them to visit your site, what they did while on the site, and ultimately their purchasing decisions.”

Day-to-Day Tools for Small Ecommerce Businesses (
“For ecommerce entrepreneurs, managing and running an online store is intimidating, more so when they are just starting out. As an ecommerce platform, we at Zepo understand the mighty task not just running a successful online business but also ensuring that they are ahead of the game.”

Top 5 Secrets To Keeping Visitors On Your Website Longer (
“Do you find that visitors of your website leave it too quickly? They enter your web store and after a while (often no longer than a few seconds) they close the page, thus increasing your bounce rate and lowering conversions. Working on Magento platform, aheadWorks makes the following recommendations to its clients to help eliminate this problem.”

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