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I was browsing sites today for men’s clothing when I stumbled upon our latest Badge of Honor winner.¬†You have to check out the ecommerce site for British menswear brand Ben Sherman. For the most straightforward way to shop a sale I’ve come across, this site earns this week’s Badge of Honor. Let’s take a closer look!

bensherman copy

When I arrived on the home page of this site, the main graphic here was showcasing the spring summer sale. What’s really cool is that shoppers can select a size to shop from right on the home page. I like this because it eliminates a step in the process, getting the shopper to the products they want faster.

bensherman1 copyI selected a size M in tops, and started browsing through the results. One thing that really stands out here is in addition to some great filtering options, it also tells you how many results you’ll find for each one. For instance, I can see there are 9 items under $25.00 or 4 items that come in black. These refinement menus are also collapsible, which is a nice way for users to reduce the clutter on the page if they want. Overall, it’s such a nice clean page, and I for one am a big fan.

bensherman2 copy

Another nice aspect of the Ben Sherman ecommerce site is the checkout. This shopping cart review page hits all the marks of things I like to see. There are images of the items I have in my order so I can review what I’m buying, and it offers the ability to edit the quantity or remove items right here. It shows the total including the shipping cost, so I don’t have to wait until the very end to find out what I’m actually paying. At the bottom, there are links to the security and returns policies, and graphics to show which payment methods are accepted. Everything a shopper could want to know is here at a glance, without things getting too cluttered. It’s simple and helpful… and just great overall.

bensherman3 copyAfter this page, all that’s left is the easy one-step checkout, which sticks with the overall theme of eliminating extra steps. That really gets at the heart of why the Ben Sherman ecommerce site earns this Badge of Honor. Less steps and less clicks leads to less potential frustration and confusion, making the shopping experience on this site quick and easy. I like it a lot, and I hope to see more brands follow Ben Sherman’s lead.



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