7 Brands Using Tumblr For Business With A Creative Design

Business on Tumblr is booming. Not only did it get a popularity boost from the buyout by Yahoo but it also has a  55% year over year growth. Its simple interface provides an instant audience that find it easy to engage with content. Brands are noticing this potential and have created pages based on their message and personality, not just their sales pitch. Here are a few brands that have built pages with a unique design and experience.


Traget Tumblr

On the Dot showcases Target’s products in a nice, clean, simple interface unlike their official site which left us puzzled.

2. Nabisco

Nabisco tumblr
Snacks giant Nabisco uses a corespondent to express their personality by posting pictures of their sponsored events. They use transparent boxes to make the background pop which displays all their different products.

3. Lexus

Lexus expresses their luxury lifestyle using a black and white color combination that makes abstract pictures pop out. Simple and intuitive.

4. Sprite

sprite tumblr
Sprite expresses their youthful, sporty, active spirit on their tumblr page. The yellow and green iconic colors combine well with the scattered layout which gives off of a feeling of high energy.

5. Keds

Sneaker company Keds uses their iconic bright youthful colors that works great with the pictures showcasing their products.

6. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor uses their tumblr in a magazine style layout with a white background that makes the design stand out and is easy on the eyes.

7. Sephora

Cosmetic retailer Sephora transitions the design off their official site to their tumblr. A “shop at sephora.com” banner and carousel makes it hard for users to miss their products.

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