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Is there anything more summery than the smell of freshly cut grass? It’s something I don’t come across too often in New York City, but a girl can dream. It was this dream that lead me to an online search for lawnmowers. I ended up on the ecommerce site for Mowers at Jacks, where I found some issues that landed them right in the lookin’ weird department. Check it out.

I started looking for gas powered self-propelled lawnmowers. When I arrived on the category page, I saw some weird things as I scrolled down. Each product has so many icons next to it, it’s kind of overwhelming! A red tag if it’s on sale, yellow stars if it has been reviewed, a blue icon to show it’s CARB compliant, an orange logo if rush processing is available… To me this seems like just too much.

mowersatjacks1 copy

My recommendation here would be to add a left-hand filtering menu with these attributes instead of having multiple icons creating clutter. If customers are particularly interested in lawnmowers that are on sale or available for rush processing, then they could refine by those filtering options. This would make the results page cleaner and simpler, and easier on the eyes for browsing.

When I clicked on a mower and viewed the product page, I found these icons again. Here I don’t mind them so much, because this page has more space anyway. My bigger complaint is that there is only one product image. I would love to see more!

Now I was curious to know what CARB compliant meant, so I hovered over the icon and it displayed some information. It told me that any products that aren’t CARB compliant can’t be shipped to California, so I decided to try a test.

mowersatjacks2 copy

I navigated back to the results page and selected a mower that was not CARB compliant. I added it to my cart and entered a California address (the first one I thought of was Disneyland!). When I tried to proceed with the checkout, the site thankfully stopped me from completing the order. It didn’t give me a total, and it wouldn’t allow me to enter a credit card number.

However, I do have a problem with the checkout. It doesn’t show me a product image at this page. I really prefer when a site allows you to see what you’re buying when you review and place your order, especially when you have several items in the cart. I would suggest Mowers at Jacks add images to the checkout page.

mowersatjacks3 copy

Overall, the Mowers at Jacks site does a pretty good job in terms of navigation and usability. My suggestions just have to do with the visuals. Clean up the icons so the pages are less cluttered, add additional images to the product pages, and add product images to the checkout review page. Making this ecommerce site easier on shoppers’ eyes will make it easier to get those sales!


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