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Now, Rolex is another one of those not-quite-ecommerce sites that we come across sometimes. You can’t actually purchase a watch on Rolex’s website, but you can do everything else. Shoppers can view crisp, detailed images of the product, customize them with different metals and materials, and discover everything there is to know about each watch. For this beautifully designed website, and the flawless watch shopping experience it creates, we’re giving Rolex today’s eCO Badge of Honor. Take a look at why.

rolex copy

When you arrive on the home page, you are greeted with the featured watch at the very top: The Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master II. I’m not joking when I say it gleams. There is animation here that shows a light reflecting off the watch when you move your mouse over it. It’s like in movies when the attractive hero smiles, and his teeth sparkle. Rolex is the dream man of watches.

rolex1 copyAnother aspect of this page that caught my eye was the use of language. Instead of using standard calls to action, like “Customize” or “Learn More,” Rolex uses more elegant language. “Make it Yours” and “Discover this Watch” definitely bring that air of luxury to the action items. The way the site politely asks the shopper questions adds to this. “May we help you choose your Rolex?” Why yes,, you may indeed.

I clicked on that Explore link and when the site asked me “For whom are you choosing a watch?” I selected Women’s watches. There are only a few options here, but it still gives the choice to filter by size.

rolex2 copy

I clicked on the first watch, the Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster, to view a product page. The main thing to note about these pages is the great use of multimedia features. When I first arrived on this page, an animation showed the image of the watch as if it were being sketched with a pencil, until it completes into that high-quality photo. So cool! As I scrolled down, I noticed there is a video for this watch, along with a nice zoom feature that allows you to spin the image to view detail of different angles.

rolex3 copy

rolex4 copy

You can find these multimedia features for every watch on the site. Basically, shoppers can discover everything about each Rolex design, down to the smallest detail… except for the price. For that, they’ll have to use the Retailers link to find a jeweler in their area where they can actually purchase the thing. So it’s not ecommerce, but it’s definitely a gorgeous shopping experience. For that, we give Rolex our Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor.


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